Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Change in Pricing

I recently changed the price of The Grand Granger to $.99.  On a side note, I wish the cent sign were still in the standard compliment of keystrokes available, but I digress.

The reason for the change was simple -- my contract with Amazon to sell exclusively was up and I was sick of asking so much for something that, however enjoyable, felt overpriced at that price point.  Unfortunately, I also lost my 70% royalty option on it.  What that means is, instead of just over $2/sale, I'm now making 35 cents per sale.

This doesn't seem a like a lot because it isn't.  However, I didn't write The Grand Granger to get rich.  I wrote it for people to enjoy and to gain exposure for my other works.  I can't say it's worked fabulously to garner more attention to Subject 12, but over 300 people have downloaded it and, hopefully, read it.  Let's see if they come back for more.

On another note, free time is at such a premium for me lately that it's stressing me out.  That means (since I write in my free time, currently) I'm not writing as much as I would like.  I'm also keeping two or three projects going at once so I don't get too frustrated or bored, which also impacts my completion rate.

One of those projects will be a short story that will be available for free download.  I'm working on how best to distribute it, but it's still a weeks (at best) from completion. It's set in the Subject 12 universe and is about a teenager named Jared Blackroot.  His father, David, is a disability-retired Guild member who was quite respected before his injuries.  Unfortunately, there's bad blood between David and the father of Darvis Pelcrow, and Darvis has been making life impossible for Jared.  What Darvis doesn't know, however, is that Jared isn't just some one-off super, and Jared has had more than enough -- especially after the last beating Pelcrow and his toadies gave him.

I'll let everyone know when I'm finished.  Once again, thanks for reading!


  1. Can't wait to read the new work....especially in the Subject 12 world. May you have lots of free time to write.

    1. Looks like I might have more than I'd expected on the horizon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'll keep everyone posted on progress.

    2. More free time, that is. Sorry, brain's kinda fried from a very busy and long few days.


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