Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Tick has Tocked

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  I'm going to get right to it because I'm not feeling that great tonight and I'm hoping to get to sleep before 4AM.

Well, I can see by the lack of comments on the last post that there isn't enough interest in my next piece to warrant posting an excerpt of any size at present, so I'm not going to post one for now.  I really wanted to get another post up saying basically what I'm going to say below, but I also wanted to wait for the responses.  I thought I'd get the requisite number in a matter of days.  Instead I waited two weeks and only got two.  I apologize for those disappointed by my decision, but since the set conditions weren't met, I don't feel like it's worth the effort.  Maybe there will be more interest at some point in the near future and the wait won't be too long.  Guess we'll see.

Having said that, I've been making some real progress on the project I'm working on.  As soon as I'm done with that I'll take a short break to recover and then I'll be back on track with other projects, including the one I'm sure the vast majority of those reading this are interested in.  Unfortunately, as I've said in the past, I can only write what my brain will create at the time.  Right now I have some great creative energy, but only for what my brain is willing to put it toward.  If I try to force it elsewhere, the whole system breaks down, and I wind up frustrated and blocked.

Nobody wants that.

So, on that note, I'm going to go and try to get back to work.  Thanks for reading!

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