Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hi, everybody!  (Hi, Doctor Nick!)

Since I'm sure at least one person reading this is interested, my personal life is still a shambles.  I'm doing the best I can and trying to continue getting my life back in order (a very long-term project), but my emotional state can only be described as "in turmoil".  It's impossible to keep this from affecting my professional life, but I'm doing what I can to minimize the impact.  While I'd like to go into detail, I won't.  It's not really important and it's personal.  I won't go dumping personal details on you because this isn't Facebook or Myspace.

Now, with that out of the way, down to business.  Several years ago I wrote a book about a PI.  I never named this character, nor did I even have a title for the book.  Sound familiar?  It should.  I already admitted that I suck at titles.

I wrote this book back in 2006 or so.  That was well before I started working on Subject 12.  As such, any resemblance between the two can be attributed to good ideas, bad ideas, or just plain cussedness on my part.

I needed a break from Reagent Protocol because of my emotional state and the association I was developing between the story and the problems going on in my life at the time.  So I took one in editing Triggerbreak (not the original title) for publication.  Why I did this after such a long lapse between when I last touched finger to key to edit the book is a question that has many answers.  I've touched on my money problems.  I've touched on my need to get my life in order.  I've already said I needed a break from what I'd been doing.  I've also always felt that the story, while a little rough, was worth publication.  I've even started work on a sequel to it, though I haven't worked on it in months if not over a year or more.  But it's definitely a secondary piece;  the Guild Files universe is where I'll be doing most of my work because the story I've been writing is far from over, and it won't end even after Rogue is finished, though much will be made clearer about Hammer and the, let's face it, strange title of Subject 12.

So, the question on everyone's lips at the moment has to be "What is Triggerbreak about?"  Well, it might not be, but work with me here.

Let me post the jacket blurb I already posted on Google+.  Which, for the record, you should be following me at because I really do post more there than here.  And Twitter.  Probably should be following me on all three, actually.

I hadn’t liked my brother-in-law from the moment I met him – I liked him even less when I found out how he spent his Saturday nights. I’d never even heard of Turk before he cracked one of my ribs and the local Mafia boss put him in his place for it. I’d never met Betty before the night I saved her life.

Tracer was the best fixer and information broker in the city. She was the go-to girl and everyone knew it, even if they couldn’t afford it. She was probably the best ally I had. Nick ran the Gentle Arms Hotel; he was the high priest of the only Holy Ground in this godforsaken town and my best friend. Jared was crazy, an ex-spook, and the most trustworthy man I knew.

When I got up that morning all I’d wanted to do was get drunk, smoke a few cigarettes, and forget about everything in my life that had gone wrong. Seems somebody had other plans, though. That’s why they left me in a pool of blood with a head wound that sent me to the hospital.

Now, with two psychopaths and a hired gun trying to kill me, the question is simple. Can my friends and I pull my fat out of the fire before someone does more than just cave in the back of my skull?

I finished editing the book the night before last.  I have a cover, I have it formatted, now all I have to do is file the copyright and publish it to Amazon.  Yes, this will be a Kindle exclusive unless I get requests to the contrary.  With luck you guys can get copies of it within the week, unless Amazon refuses it for some reason.  After I get all that done I'll be going back to Reagent Protocol and getting back to work on it.  As soon as the book is available for sale (and I'm aware of it), I'll post notice here, on G+, and on Twitter, so you'll know ASAP.

Also, and finally, has anyone ever looked at Patreon?  I know people have told me about Kickstarter, but Patreon sounds more like something I'd be able to work with.  Unfortunately, it also sounds like it's geared FAR more towards webcomic authors and recording artists than novelists.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your support!  I look forward to entertaining you all for quite some time to come!

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