Monday, October 1, 2012

Surprise! (Updated)

Well, the moment I'm assuming at least a couple of you have been waiting for...

The revelation of what I've been working on for the last, um, month...

Okay, I'll admit, that took longer than it should have.  Life kept getting in the way, then there was shipping lag, working with the systems to make it work, etc.  However, without further ado...

Okay, just a little more ado.  I have to fill the space up sometime and I'm a real bastard when it comes to dragging things out to make the moment last longer.

This also explains why so many versions of The Grand Granger should have appeared for you to download if you bought a copy.

The Grand Granger in print!

I'm working with CreateSpace for this due to their integration with Amazon and their relatively-simple formatting requirements.  Royalties are a little screwy and based on distribution channels, so the price listed is the best compromise I could come up with.  Expect to see it on Amazon here inside a week, hopefully linked directly to the e-book, but royalty rates are significantly higher on CreateSpace than they are on Amazon.  So, if you're going to order a copy, please consider ordering through CreateSpace if you can [EDIT: see below].  I'm going to do my best to get the linkup on Amazon done correctly, but this is a learning experience for me, and mistakes have and probably will continue to happen.  With luck, it'll slot into place directly linked to the e-book and offer both choices for ordering.

And yes, this whole thing was done with the main intent of learning what I needed to do to set things up for a future release...

How's that laugh go?  Oh yeah!  MwahahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Thanks for reading!

Everything below is an update:

The book is live on Amazon now.  Unsurprisingly it's eligible for Prime.  Considering the price to you, the reader, is the same for the book, ordering it through Amazon is cheaper.  How much cheaper?  CreateSpace charges shipping and for one item it's approximately $4 for standard shipping, so up to $4 cheaper.  With that in mind, while I'm not redacting my CreateSpace endorsement at the moment I cannot wholeheartedly point to it to buy from.

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