Sunday, July 1, 2012

Guild Files: Banshee -- Ready For Download

I changed my mind for two reasons.  First, this made more sense, and second, I couldn't get the PDF version to look at all good and I didn't feel like spending another hour trying to fix it.

So, without further ado, I give you Banshee.

For Amazon/Kindle/Kindle Fire/Kindle app users, you'll want this version of it.

Guild Files: Banshee in .mobi for Amazon users

For the rest of the world, you'll want this version.

Guild Files: Banshee in .epub for everyone else

The content is identical, they're just formatted slightly differently and the .mobi has a mock cover image because if I didn't have one I got errors in the Kindle previewer program.  Not owning a Kindle, I can't test it on it, but I got good results with the .epub version on my OG Nook.

Thanks for reading and please don't hesitate to share you thoughts either directly with me via e-mail, Twitter or via any other outlet you can find, and if you enjoyed please tell all your friends!  Enjoy!


  1. I liked the short story and am glad to see the guild universe is still going. I liked the world you have shared with us nd will be eagerly waiting for more.

    In reading the story I thought it said that it was supposed to tie-in to the next story. If Banshee was at Freedman then that itself might be enough for the tie-in to events that happened but I will be hoping to see Banshee maybe alive and not quite whole later on.

    I wonder if the Justice Fiend will come to like Hammer now that he's no longer the toughest bastard around. It seemed like he could like people and "Hammer" seems as much like he could be a friend if they could work past whatever he has against him.

    I do wonder if you will touch on larger society and if there re any societal changes from long time supers in the population and how slavery/equality of man works in such a place. I can see the warlord kings of most third world countries being the strongest super around and its only the scientific and industrial revolution that kept supers from being some type of elitist class.

    either way love the story can't wait for more


  2. In case anyone is wondering what happened to the links, I removed them because I included Banshee in Reagent Protocol. I thought everyone who was going to read it already had, and I wasn't sure what Amazon's policy would be.

    My apologies to anyone affected by this change. My apologies on being so late to make mention of it, too.


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